About Bradford Assoc.

Bradford Associates was founded in 1987 by Bradford Roe, an Official Reporter of Debate, United States House of Representatives.  At that time, Bradford was a seven-year veteran of Debate Reporting who had wanderlust and distant horizons in view.  Thus, he embraced the challenge of forming a top-tier Court Reporting agency with a highly-motivated staff with the goal of providing the highest-quality services at the most advantageous price point for his clients.  This mission has evolved and progressed over time to address the wide variety of needs of our clients, as well as the ever-changing practice of law.


With over three decades of reporting experience, Bradford’s extensive professional background enabled him to develop the powerful training techniques and quality assurance standards of Bradford Associates.  The seven years of reporting Debate in Congress exposed Bradford to an uncompromising reporting environment where there are no gray areas, the reporting performance is either completely correct, efficient and advantageous for the client or Member of Congress, or it is not.


It is with this background and experience that Bradford Associates delivers on its bold mission to provide premier Court Reporting and Litigation Services to our clients all over the Greater Washington/Baltimore Region, as well as for our clients all over the United States.