Legal Secretaries / Paralegals, Firm Administrators Appreciation Program

Given that we at Bradford Associates have been working directly and intensely with trial attorneys for over 30 years, we are well aware of all of the resources that are required to provide the best possible outcome for your clients.  For those of us associated with the legal profession, there is a clear understanding of the overriding importance of competent and professional support people.  These very people not only contribute a great deal to the success of a case, but they serve to make our work easier and we rely upon them at all times.


Bradford Associates believes it is important for us to acknowledge the critical and valuable input which a legal support staff provides.  Our way of showing our appreciation is to Award, at random, a $300 debit card to the person whose name is drawn from our database of Assistants.  This Award is made every 90 days on the last Friday of the month, and the debit card may be used to purchase whatever the recipient chooses.   


All you need to do is complete our brief form for our database and you will automatically be entered into our Assistant Appreciation Program.


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