Bradford Associates provides a comprehensive portfolio of services designed to meet the complex needs of even the most demanding litigation. The company prides itself in delivering transcripts of exceptionally high quality-a characteristic that has become a hallmark of Bradford Associates’ emphasis on client service.


Bradford Associates has a long and substantial involvement with the most complex litigation, including, but not limited to areas such as:  Patent, Aerospace, Internet, Technical, Medical, Scientific, Forensic, Biomechanical, Military, Employment Law, Entertainment Law, International Contract Litigation, Banking, Accounting, Real Estate Law, Union-Related Law, Intellectual Property Law, Construction-Related Law, Education-Related Law and many others.  Bradford Associates has extensive experience in Arbitrations, having reported a vast number of cases in American Arbitration Association matters, as well as other Arbitrations.  Additionally, we have extensive involvement with Hearings of all kinds, Meetings and Conferences.


To further assure quality and client satisfaction, each reporter from Bradford Associates must undergo a six-month Quality Assurance Training Program during which every single word produced by that stenotypist is personally examined and proofread by Mr. Roe. In that way, our clients are fully assured that each document will be of the highest quality. Few firms, if any, can deliver on such a promise.