New Client Award

At Bradford Associates our reputation for meeting the needs of our clients is second to none.  We take pride in knowing that there are thousands of attorneys, not only in the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area, but all over the United States, who hold this opinion.  In order to facilitate the process of sharing this experience, we have a unique New Client Award. 


Our New Client Award is Straightforward, Honest and Real:  In order to acquaint new clients with what thousands of attorneys already know, we are Awarding a Round-Trip Flight to Orlando, Florida, from the Greater Washington/Baltimore Metropolitan Area.  We know attorneys, we know how they work, we know the demands placed upon them.  You don’t need a time-wasting, caloric lunch – You Need A Break!  Just schedule five depositions with us, which go forward, to fully acquaint yourself with our level of Service and Quality. 


Fly down to Florida’s Hub and take a three-day weekend, or a week.  Relax, Regroup, Recharge.


Our Thanks, Our Appreciation, Our Award for trying us.