Save With All-Inclusive Pricing

Bradford Associates was founded based upon a philosophy of providing the Highest-Quality, most Cost-Effective portfolio of services in our profession.  In keeping with the “Cost-Effective” part of the equation, we have designed a protocol of All-Inclusive Pricing which goes to the heart of our clients’ needs – Exceptional Service In Court Reporting and Litigation Support – at a price point which provides our clients with a serious edge.  We take our responsibility for Cost Containment very seriously.


Therefore, Bradford Associates’ policy is to provide our clients with everything – every version of the product that current, state-of-the-art technology provides – for One Price.  Put another way, we do not engage in the common practice of numerous add-ons to your invoices, all those “little things” which add substantially to the overall total of an invoice.  It is simply not the way we do business.  In our way of thinking, if clients do not feel they have received Value, they are not being properly and fairly served.


Our policy is and shall remain:  Provide the Highest-Quality, most Cost-Effective Portfolio of Services – Period.