Video Services

Bradford Associates performs all Video Service in accordance with Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 30(b)(4) which governs the taking of videotaped depositions intended to be admitted in a court of law. 


Over many years now, Videotaping has proven to be the best alternative to a live appearance at court of any witness whose testimony is of significant value to a case.  The unique body language, the verbal and visual cues of an individual are preserved for presentation to a judge, jury or other entity and substantially enhance the viewer’s understanding and perspective regarding a particular witness.  Videotaped testimony has an impact which goes far beyond that of static, toner-on-paper transcript testimony.  In cases where issues of conflicting testimony arise, specifically, the divergence between what a witness said in their deposition and what they are testifying to at trial, there is nothing to match the dramatic impact of video.  There is no doubt that the majority of trial attorneys acknowledge this.


At Bradford Associates, all videotaping is conducted with broadcast-quality cameras.  The subject video is simultaneously recorded to two forms of media, DV, Digital Video format tape, and DVD.  Time/Date Stamping is always burned into the image.  Clients are provided with DVD format, VHS tape if requested, and we retain the Original DV tapes for five (5) years.  A log is kept of all objections and all video products are delivered with a signed Certificate of Videographer.


Bradford Associates also offers Video/Text Synchronization, a format in which the relevant text from the transcript is scrolling in synchronization with the video on the lower third of the screen.  This enables quick and easy text searches for specific testimony on a laptop computer when a client deems it appropriate to show such testimony to the court.  Many of our clients utilize a small projector connected to a laptop to show excerpts of deposition testimony at key junctures in a trial with an impact that only video combined with text can produce.  These kinds of products and services provided by Bradford Associates consistently afford our clients a serious advantage at trial.